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Archive for June, 2013


Getting Over the Wall

brick wall


Life can be a challenge when you have dyspraxia but at least it isn’t boring.Sometimes although it isn’t really funny, you just have to laugh at yourself because it is better then crying.

We have road works on the street in front of the shopping centre where we live. This means endless detours potholes and a brick wall to negotiate. The wall isn’t big. In fact its small enough that most people can just jump down off of it on to the floor with little or no problems. Unfortunately i am not most people.

My brain can not estimate distances. I can’t guess the distance between 2 objects, or how far away something is.I can’t accurately tell if 2 things are the same length or width. I can’t estimate amounts when I am cooking no matter how many times I have made a recipe and I can’t tell how far away the floor is when I am standing on something. My daughter stepped up onto the wall and jumped down the other side without a second thought .” it isn’t very high will you be able to get over ?” she asked me.
Standing behind the wall I looked down the other side. it was low enough that a child of 7 or 8 could easily jump from it without a problem. I looked again and knew that I would not be able to do it.
So I climbed onto the top of the wall on my hands and knees. I am sure I looked like a turtle with my back pack on my back. I then backed up sat my bottom on the wall  and swung my legs around the other side.

My daughter was in hysterics. I am sure I did look funny. I don’t know what anyone watching would have thought but it got me over the wall in one piece.

I felt stupid for being afraid to jump. My brain couldn’t calculate how far away the floor was.I guess it’s a bit like me putting a blindfold on you so that you can’t see the floor and asking you to jump.
If you miss judge you will fall and twist your ankle and cut your knees or worse.

I remember as a child at school, it didn’t matter how low they put the high jump bar or the hurdles I couldn’t jump them. Not many teachers were understanding and I was often punished and humiliated for not jumping.I was accused of being lazy or just not trying. As an adult I can laugh at myself ,like I did today,I understand that it doesn’t make me stupid ,it just makes me different. But as a child it wasn’t funny at all. I felt really stupid.

It’s amazing how often people will say in conversation how big is this room? People will ask you how tall someone is or how far away you were standing from something.I cannot tell you. When I boil a kettle I usually put in to much water or not enough. I must measure quantity’s when cooking even for the simplest recipe.  Sometimes it can be really frustrating.
I have never been someone who needed to be the same as everyone else,which is a good thing because in some ways I am always going to be different.


Dyspraxia- When You Can’t Read Social Signals



Of the many problems I face every day with dyspraxia the most difficult is not being able to read social signals. I am a very shy and introverted person, many dyspraxic people are. It is difficult to be confident when you are well aware that you don’t read social signals correctly. More…