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Archive for March, 2014


Returning to Study

I recently decided to return to study. I wanted to study full time but the cost was prohibitive. The state government has recently removed many subsidies on education causing the price of a course to triple.
After considering my other commitment’s in life, financial stress and the organisational difficulties of my dyspraxia ,I decided to start off part time. Our first exercise was to write a bit about ourselves for our lecturer. I was relieved that we didn’t have to speak in front of the whole class. For me anyway expressing myself in writing was easier then speaking. When I have to speak verbally my brain seems to freeze and I cant organise my thoughts. I then become stressed which causes my brain to freeze even more. More…


Dyspraxia in a sports mad country

Australia is a great place to live and I love it. But growing up in a country that is sport mad is far from easy when you have dyspraxia. The fact that sport is a compulsory part of the  school curriculum  is just the tip of the ice berg. Much of the socialising at recess and lunchtime involves sport. This is especially true for boys but also to a lesser extent for girls. The majority of extra curricular activities for children also involve sporting activities. When you have problems with gross and/or fine motor skills you are left behind by your peers much of the time. Always being on the outside looking in is difficult and frustrating for anyone, but for a child trying to make friends it can be a major blow to their often already fragile self esteem. Growing up I found very little understanding of my difficulties. More…