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Archive for June, 2016


visiting my niece

My little ponies

On Thursday I went with my Mum and youngest son to see my niece and great niece. We don’t see them very often as they live an hour away on the train. Life is so busy we just don’t get the time as often as we would like.

We had coffee at their local shopping centre. I had a lovely baked potato with coleslaw cheese and sour cream.My son had chicken and chips. My mum loves the buy and sell pages on Facebook. She bought some really pretty my little ponies for my great Niece.They were so pretty a lady shopping commented on them.

My Mum bought the 2 children some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. It looked really yummy so I decided to have some also. We don’t have a Ben and Jerry’s near us , so it was a bit of a novelty. All the flavours looked delicious, but I couldn’t go past chocolate.

The 2 children ate their ice cream without any mess. They didn’t spill it on their clothes or the table. I was another matter. I looked down and I had somehow managed to get ice cream in the yellow ponies hair.I tried to wipe it off but that made it worse. Any other flavour wouldn’t have shown so much but  the chocolate could be easily seen. It is so embarrassing when I do things like this.

My niece said that her daughter would take them in the bath with her so it would wash off. Luckily my great niece didn’t seem too concerned about her pony having ice cream in its hair.

My little pony with icecream in its hair
Pony after icecream

Dyspraxia – My First Homeschooling Visit.


My youngest child is home schooled for various reasons.. On Wednesday the moderator came to visit to see how we were doing. It was our first visit so I didn’t know what to expect. She asked me our reasons for home schooling. One of the reasons is that he has dyspraxia and doesn’t get the support he needs in school.The response went like this


Moderator       ” Oh that’s the reading one”

Me                     “No that’s dyslexia”
Moderator       ” Oh it’s the writing one”
 Me                     ” No that’s  dysgraphia”
Moderator      ” Ah it’s the speaking one”
Me                    ” No. Dyspraxia can be verbal but his isn’t.
Moderator       ” Ok what is it then?”

I then had to try to explain what Dyspraxia is. I don’t explain myself verbally very well. Especially if I am put on the spot. This is because I have problems organising my thoughts. When I write I have time to think about what I am going to say. She looked like she didn’t believe me.

The main reason I started writing this blog was to raise awareness of dyspraxia. People can’t be understanding of something they have never heard of. It is really difficult to keep explaining to people what dyspraxia is. I never do it very well because verbal explanations are one of my difficulties.


The moderator either didn’t understand or didn’t believe me because she later wanted to know why he wasn’t doing sport. Why would I want to make him do something unnecessary ,that will only humiliate him. This country puts to much emphasis on sport. He gets plenty of exercise. I don’t drive because I can’t judge the speed and distance of a moving object. It doesn’t feel safe to drive when I can’t judge how fast and how far away the other cars are on the road. We walk every where unless my Mum gives us a lift.


 I had hoped home schooling would stop him having to put up with this sort of ignorance.  It seems I was wrong. I don’t know why I am surprised. If teachers in schools have no knowledge about dyspraxia ,why would homeschooling moderators be any different. At least with home schooling he has me to back him up. At school he would be forced to participate.

Death In Paradise





My mum was recently watching Death in Paradise. She she said to me she wondered if the DI had dyspraxia. I enjoyed watching the show Humphrey Gorman was a very likeable character and for me easy to identify with. It has now become my favourite show. I decided to google “Death in Paradise”. The blurb said “DI Humphrey Gorman is a bit dyspraxic”


I wonder if one of the writers either has dyspraxia or someone close to them does. As someone with dyspraxia, the character is very accurately depicted, Yes he is clumsy, knocks things over and even fell out a window. But there is more than that. He forgets things a lot. His assistant will produce his pen or his gloves because she knows that he will forget them. Often he will knock things over , trip or fall.


Disorganisation and clutter are a problem. The phone rang after he tidied his desk and he couldn’t find it. He was late for work because he couldn’t find his trousers. Looking for something in the pocket of his jacket, he pulls out a handful of bits of paper and other random junk. Anyone who has seen me looking for something in my handbag would know why I can relate to that. The constant unwinnable battle to be organised.


DI Gorman rarely drives. He did in one episode but rather badly. Someone gave him a biscuit and he made a huge amount of crumbs eating it. Kris Marshall is a brilliant actor and his portrail of Humphrey is very accurate and believable.


What I love the most about Humphrey Gorman is that he is smart. He is a brilliant detective and always solves the crime no matter how clever or devious the murderer is.This shows people just because you are clumsy , trip over things and loose things a lot, it doesn’t mean you are stupid. He is a positive role model for anyone with dyspraxia.


Most people havent even heard of dyspraxia and definitely don’t understand it. If you are clumsy and misplace things they think you are stupid. Even though most people with dyspraxia are of average or above average intelligence. Our brains just work a little differently. We are great at thinking outside the box. Which is probably why DI Gorman is so good at solving these murders