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My First Trip to Bali


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I first went to Bali in November 1985. Back then both International and domestic flights used the same terminal. The international terminal was built not long after that and then the old terminal was renovated and became the international terminal. Planes didn’t dock up to the building then the way they do now.
After leaving the departure lounge we had to descend several flights of stairs walk out on to the tarmac and then climb those portable stairs that they drive up to the plane. I must confess I was never a huge fan of those portable stairs . There always seemed to be a small gap at the spot where they attached to the plane. Thankfully the airport is no longer like that.

We arrived at the airport 2 hours before our flight was due. I was travelling with my mum and my then fiancée ( now ex husband ). After checking in our luggage we went to the cafeteria to have a drink.
My mum didn’t want to be sitting on the plane to long as it can be quite cramped . The time spent on the plane is long enough without adding to it. Fortunately the flight to Bali is less then 3 and a half hours.
”I would like to be almost last on to the plane ” she said.
We all agreed that we would not board the plane to early.

After clearing immigration we waited in the departure lounge until it was time to board the plane. I watched the planes taking of and landing out the window. They were only small domestic planes as we don’t get a huge amount of international flights into Perth. Finally it was time to board the plane. We had to descend several flights of steps to reach the tarmac. Suddenly I tripped and went flying. I must have screamed because Qantas staff came running. Luckily the only damage was a cut leg, nothing to serious.They were concerned about my cut leg in the tropics and asked me if I was still ok to travel. As far as I was concerned unless it was broken I was going. The lady from Qantas put a bandage on my leg and gave me a bottle of dettol to take with me. They wheeled me to the plane in a wheel chair. I really could have walked but they insisted. I felt really stupid. Sharon trips over her own feet again. :).

The good news was my mum got her wish to be last on the plane. As soon as we were in our seats they closed the doors and the we took off, as  the plane had been held up for us. You just can’t take me anywhere. 🙂


Sharon Beaumont

I am a single mother of 4 who has lived with dyspraxia for several decades. My hope is that by sharing my experiences I can help to raise awareness of dyspraxia. I trained as an Education Assistant but found some areas of this to be a difficult career if you have dyspraxia. Currently I am an Information Technology Student and am trying to teach my self to speak French. I love travel, writing and anything French.

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