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visiting my niece

My little ponies

On Thursday I went with my Mum and youngest son to see my niece and great niece. We don’t see them very often as they live an hour away on the train. Life is so busy we just don’t get the time as often as we would like.

We had coffee at their local shopping centre. I had a lovely baked potato with coleslaw cheese and sour cream.My son had chicken and chips. My mum loves the buy and sell pages on Facebook. She bought some really pretty my little ponies for my great Niece.They were so pretty a lady shopping commented on them.

My Mum bought the 2 children some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. It looked really yummy so I decided to have some also. We don’t have a Ben and Jerry’s near us , so it was a bit of a novelty. All the flavours looked delicious, but I couldn’t go past chocolate.

The 2 children ate their ice cream without any mess. They didn’t spill it on their clothes or the table. I was another matter. I looked down and I had somehow managed to get ice cream in the yellow ponies hair.I tried to wipe it off but that made it worse. Any other flavour wouldn’t have shown so much but  the chocolate could be easily seen. It is so embarrassing when I do things like this.

My niece said that her daughter would take them in the bath with her so it would wash off. Luckily my great niece didn’t seem too concerned about her pony having ice cream in its hair.

My little pony with icecream in its hair
Pony after icecream

Sharon Beaumont

I am a single mother of 4 who has lived with dyspraxia for several decades. My hope is that by sharing my experiences I can help to raise awareness of dyspraxia. I trained as an Education Assistant but found some areas of this to be a difficult career if you have dyspraxia. Currently I am an Information Technology Student and am trying to teach my self to speak French. I love travel, writing and anything French.

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